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Right now, charities’ best option for digital media is being a part of existing fundraising platforms. While those platforms are great for fundraising and for people who already know which charity to help, they can be very limiting. With our research, we have come to understand the new generation is very eager to change the world but they are used to the comfort of using middlemen platforms like Deliveroo,, Amazon, etc… 

Almost every industry has a platform, which makes the user experience easier and faster, except for charities.


Chary On Top believes that charities deserve much

more than that, and at an affordable price.

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An express checkout option on the website can increase donations by up to 55%.

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Chary On Top is a rebranded charity marketing platform for the new generation. We provide a platform for our users to make a one-off or recurring donations with the flexibility to pick whichever charity they want and how often they prefer.

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Non-profits need to recognize just how important Gen Zers and Millennials are, and they must evolve to meet these savvy young donors.

Best of All it's Commission Free & Free to use for*


Millennials are the largest donors in the UK with a total of 1.1M per year.

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A lack of TRANSPARENCY results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

-Dalai Lama

Charities are restricted with backward limitations; judgment on marketing expenses, fragile ethical reputation, and trust in their transparency. Our research shows that people are more willing to give if charities share their transparency especially if the research process is faster and simpler. 

That is why we dedicated ourselves to creating the best platform that helps charities move forward.

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Millennials want to see more than glossy photos and vague promises of “good work” done by charities. Instead, they are more focused on data and impact!

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more than just donations

Chary On Top is not just a fundraising platform, it’s a 360 marketing system that also makes it easier for users to find charity events to attend and apply for paid or volunteer jobs. What makes us stand out is that we always prioritize transparency and simplicity.  

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Gen Zers/ Millennials are much likely to say they can make a difference through peer-to-peer fundraising.

  • Good News Panel

  • Decide Wheel

  • Few more surprises

  • Quick Donate Buttons

  • Simple Transparency Graph

  • Events Pages

  • Recruitment Pages

  • Reports and Insights

  • Recurring Donations

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • CRM Integrations

  • Gift Aid Reclaim

  • Gifting Donation

  • Easy to use Dashboard

  • Website Integrations

  • 360 Marketing

  • Share on Social Media

  • Transparent Data of all activities



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