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Chary On Top is more than just about giving money, it's about giving your time as well. With Chary On Top, finding charity events to attend is much easier and faster. Sort by date, location, or causes and find a great way to spend your free time.

Color Powder


Choose running through the streets to scrolling down the feeds! It's time to give more than your likes on social media to charities. We need to give our energy and time for real connection and care!

Download the

Chary On Top APP

to discover events!

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VIEW the location

Find out if there are any  events near you. Or sort them out by date, and use keywords to filter.

Find free or paid events

Whetter it's free or paid, we've got it all. You can sort events by their coast.

easy bookings

We provide easy booking option for some of the free events. So, you can book with only one click.

share with friends

Seen something you wanna book with your friends? Or you think a loved one can be interested in an event? Share it through social media

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